IRS sets retirement plan cost of living adjustments for 2015

Contribution limits climb for 401(k)s but not for IRAs

By Hazel Bradford

Oct 23, 2014 @ 5:24 pm EST

Employees will be able contribute more to their defined contribution plans in tax year 2015, thanks to cost-of-living adjustments announced Thursday by the Internal Revenue Service.

Contribution limits for employees participating in 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans and the federal government's $400 billion Thrift Savings Plan will rise to $18,000 from $17,500. Employees aged 50 and over will be able to contribute an additional $6,000, up from the current $5,500 limit.

The limitation on the annual benefit under a defined benefit plan remains unchanged at $210,000, while the limitation for defined contribution plans increased to $53,000 from $52,000. The definition of a highly compensated employee increased to $120,000 from $115,000.

For employee stock ownership plans, the maximum account balance subject to a five-year distribution period increased to $1.07 million from $1.05 million, the IRS said.

Limits on contributions to individual retirement accounts remain unchanged because the statutory thresholds that trigger cost-of-living adjustments were not met. Income limits for tax deductions related to IRA and Roth IRA contributions were raised to adjust for inflation.

(Hazel Bradford is a reporter at sister publication Pensions & Investments)

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