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December 5

How children reap the benefits of Social Security

Children become eligible when a parent dies or becomes disabled. But there are three important ages to remember: 16, 18 and 22.

December 4

The six most important questions before you retire

Most people don't take the time to envision what their lives will look like, post-paycheck

December 3

75% of Americans don't know this basic retirement rule

How do you draw down income in your golden years?

December 2

How one woman collects three types of Social Security benefits

Divorced and widowed, this client can rack up significant guaranteed retirement income by using this savvy strategy.

December 1

The 401(k) gender gap widens

But which gender is saving more? The answer may surprise you.

November 24

Government workers get first crack at phased retirement

Will federal program set an example for the private sector?

November 20

How to get the most out of Social Security if you're remarried

Different rules for claiming benefits apply to divorced spouses, survivors.

November 18

Crash course in Social Security for gay couples

Two-thirds of states and Washington now allow same-sex marriage, opening the door for spousal and survivor benefits

November 12

97% of women make this Social Security mistake

As life spans lengthen, it's more important than ever to get your claiming decisions right

November 10

The new Congress is likely to duck Social Security reform

A recent poll finds Americans are willing to pay more to preserve the program.

November 7

How Social Security annual increases are calculated

COLA formula was established by law in 1972.

November 4

Social Security's mind-bending stealth tax

More retirees are rising above the tax-triggering income threshold due to cost-of-living increases

October 30

A 78-year-old former executive flips burgers for $7.98

A cautionary tale about the financial pressures of limited savings

October 27

Lump sum Social Security payments only for living

What would happen if someone who filed and suspended Social Security benefits at full retirement age of 66 died before collecting benefits?

October 23

Social Security COLA for 2015 lacks fizz

Benefits will rise 1.7% next year, coming to about $20 extra per month. Some argue the increase won't even cover health care inflation

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