October 28

Cornerstone Macro's Trahan: Why the U.S. bull market can go the distance

After conquering issues with consumer leverage and the budget deficit, the U.S. economy is shining while the world grapples with structural issues, according to Francois Trahan, founding partner of Cornerstone Macro. But what risks lie ahead?

October 23

Fairholme's Berkowitz: Why it pays to bet on companies other investors abandon

Bruce Berkowitz, portfolio manager at The Fairholme Fund, discusses why he bet big on American International Group Inc. in 2010 and how his fund has reaped billions in gains since.

October 14

Mary Beth Franklin: Why high-income retirees take a hit on Medicare

The higher your Medicare premium, the lower your net Social Security benefit. InvestmentNews contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin discusses what high-income retirees need to watch out for.

October 09

Mary Beth Franklin: What Social Security cost of living adjustments mean for retirees

Social Security will likely adjust benefits for 2015 to keep up with the consumer price index, but that might not be enough considering the true inflation retirees face, according to InvestmentNews contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin.

October 07

Pax World�s McQuiggan: The business case for investing in women

Companies that have more women in leadership tend to be more profitable, according to Kathleen McQuiggan of Pax World Management. But why haven�t more companies followed this strategy for success?

September 26

Darst and Royce's Kaplan: What high-altitude markets mean for portfolio selection

Independent investment consultant David Darst and Royce Funds portfolio manager Jay Kaplan weigh in on how market valuations are affecting their investment decisions now.

September 22

Morningstar's Davidson: The active vs. passive misnomer

Contrary to the adversarial nature of the active versus passive debate, there is room for both in a portfolio, according to Lee Davidson, senior quantitative analyst at Morningstar Inc.

September 17

Eaton Vance's Gaffney: Why bonds have become riskier

Investors reaching for yield have turned to investment grade and high-yield bonds, but the rate risk those investments involve could lead to a loss of principal, according to Kathleen Gaffney, portfolio manager at Eaton Vance Bond Fund.

August 14

Strategas' Trennert: Where the new sovereigns are

The new sovereigns are companies the market believes are better credit risks than government debt. Find out which companies fall into this category, according to Jason Trennert, managing partner of Strategas Research Partners.

August 14

Fort Washington's Sargen: The Middle East event the market can't ignore

Nick Sargen of Fort Washington Investment Advisors and Bill Wilby, formerly of Oppenheimer Global Fund, discuss why they worry about geopolitical complacency in the equity market and what could provide a cushion for investors.

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