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September 24

How Warren Buffett helped this car dealer turned billionaire

Herb Chambers offered to buy his first car business on the spot in 1984. Now he has 55 dealerships, selling everything from Buicks to BMWs.

September 23

Which careers have given workers the highest pay growth?

While U.S. wage growth remains subdued, these jobs have seen pay increases of as much as 10% over the past year.

September 23

Want to find a new job or start a business? Try an online course

A new study from the Harvard Business Review shows that most people who took a free massive open online course saw positive career results.

September 22

One-third of employers give even the worst performers bonuses

Survey shows an additional 56% of workers who met but failed to exceed expectations got plenty of bonus money, too.

September 16

Three business lessons from the hockey rink

Wayne Gretzky's famous quote: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been” is not the only insight you can use in your business.

September 14

This art dealer is making collecting cool again

The $54 billion art market is increasingly dominated by a handful of behemoths. With a new gallery in Los Angeles, New York-based Michele Maccarone has plans to make art fun again.

September 14

CEO on leadership: Stay cheerful even when faced with challenges

The key to success is an even and relentlessly optimistic demeanor.

September 9

Which law schools offer the biggest tuition discounts?

One way to attract students is to throw money at them.

September 8

5 ways to make sure family runs your company in the future

How business owners can prepare themselves now for eventually handing over the reins to their successors.

September 8

The case for ignoring all the e-mails you miss on vacation

You now have permission to open your inbox, select all and archive on your first day back at work.

September 4

Would you pay $22,000 for a top-of-the-line espresso machine?

The Slayer is one of several five-figure espresso machines at the final frontier of coffee elitism.

September 3

This startup is trying to put an end to used-car lots by driving right to your door

Shift brings other people's cars to your driveway. Will it kill off the used-car salesman?

September 3

How you can get the best millennials to work for you

Some employers offer amenities such as beer in the fridge, ping-pong tables, the option to work remotely and unlimited vacation days.

September 2

More employees are going back to their old jobs — here's why

What's contributing to the rise of the "boomerang" workforce?

August 27

From a ranch to Wall Street: Lessons from a serendipitous career journey

LPL Financial's chief risk officer offers five principles that helped her manage her career to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

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