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September 8

Government report distorts facts and costs of reverse mortgages

The report overstates the typical cost of a reverse mortgage in today's marketplace and misinterprets Social Security claiming strategies.

September 8

Consumers struggle to get information following Equifax data breach

The credit reporting service disclosed this week that private information for as many as 143 million people had been compromised.

September 8

Need to evacuate because of the storm? Use this checklist to protect your possessions

Undertaking these precautions can provide a greater sense of security and preparedness in the face of an unexpected disaster.

September 8

How to appeal higher Medicare premiums

New monthly Medicare surcharges will go into effect in 2018, but sometimes they can be reversed.

September 1

Your children can spare you time and money in a nursing home

For someone with kids, both time spent in a nursing home and out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower than for those without children.

September 1

Government agency announces new reverse mortgage rules

The Department of Housing and Urban Development raises premiums, tightens borrowing limits for new loans to seniors.


September 1

Top-performing funds of the bull market

The Standard and Poor’s 500 stock index has gained an average 18.73% a year since March 9, 2009.

September 1

Should you buy a dam for your house?

Weather events are prompting sales of dams that cost homeowners $8,000 to $12,000, on average.

August 24

Retiree health care costs up 6%, new study finds

A newly retired couple would need $275,000 for medical care throughout retirement, according to Fidelity.

August 24

What your credit score reveals about your love life

The higher the credit score, the likelier you are to form a romantic relationship.

August 24

This age group controls the most wealth in the U.S.

The wealthy have probably always been older than the general population.

August 21

Social Security underpaid some survivor benefits

New report says staff errors resulted in lower payments to widows and widowers.

August 18

Surprising Social Security rules on divorce

Nuances of the 10-years-of-marriage rule and protections from vengeful spouses.

August 16

Baby boomers dominate housing market, leaving millennials out in the cold

A simmering conflict is brewing between the two biggest generations in U.S. history.

August 16

The best and worst states for growing old

Plus, find out how the median monthly cost of an assisted-living facility compares from state to state.

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