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December 22

Are you in for a big capital gain tax hit?

Six years into the bull market, losses booked from the financial crisis have all been used up. Owners of actively managed funds may see some damage.

December 17

Groundbreaking investor says look to emerging markets

Rob Arnott rocked the passive investing world. Here's why he advises looking outside the U.S. for better values.

December 16

Worst stock-picking call in 2014? Shunning Apple

Shares of world's largest company rose four times more than S&P; 500 as product plans eased concern over future growth. But many actively managed funds missed out.

December 15

Investing icon Burt Malkiel on the one sure bet in investing

The author of 'A Random Walk Down Wall Street' also says valuations are better in emerging markets, and investors can look there for reasonable returns.

December 11

Which are cheaper, ETFs or mutual funds?

New report from Morningstar casts doubt on the relative cost advantages of popular exchange-traded funds. And there is, of course, the Vanguard effect.

December 10

John Bogle eats his own cooking, investing only in U.S. index funds

Legendary Vanguard founder Legendary Vanguard founder likes the 60/40 stock/bond portfolio over target-date funds

December 2

Strong dollar to push stocks, bonds higher over next few years, say analysts

As the greenback rises to a 7-year high, market strategists see knock-on gains for other assets.

December 1

Bull market to last through December: Top forecasters

Falling oil prices, accelerating U.S. economic growth may fuel further gains, but there are signs of overheating

November 25

Hedge funds lag stocks while still charging plenty

More 'alternative' funds with hedging strategies are opening, aiming for smaller investors' dollars

November 19

Game offers a chance to play with the market in 3D

StockCity is wearable technology that allows investors to explore the stock market as if it were the streets of Midtown Manhattan.

November 18

Tempted to buy shares of the new Sears REIT? Read this first.

The department store's CEO hopes spinning off real estate will help the icon survive. But how much are the stores really worth?

November 17

Even as firm stumbled, Pimco paid billionaire Gross $290 million bonus in 2013

Rare glimpse of pay packages of finance executives

November 14

Demand for do-good investments in 401(k)s rises

Money managers say more participants want to link retirement savings to values.

November 12

Four top dangers to investors in 2015

State securities regulators flag binary options, stream-of-income and marijuana schemes as emerging investor threats.

November 6

Vanguard gets record $163.4 billion as investors flock to index funds

The company attracted more money from investors in the first 10 months of 2014 than it has in any full calendar year in its 39-year history, drawing some funds from Pimco outflows after Bill Gross' departure.

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