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March 9

Which sector holds the most surprising value?

Using a historical lens, Goldman Sachs finds promise in this overlooked part of the market

March 9

The March Madness effect

NCAA tournament gives boost to restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, beer makers and bars; retail sales for food-service and drinking places rise more in March than rest of the year.

March 5

Empower your daughter as an investor

Studies show the biggest gap between men and women isn't skill, but confidence

March 5

Boost Social Security benefits with these 4 ideas

Consider key details about your age, spouse and work history.

March 4

No end in sight to increasing cost of long-term care insurance

The high price of elder care, longer life spans of retirees and persistently low interest rates are wreaking havoc in this corner of the insurance business.

March 4

529 benefits go beyond college savings

A new variation offers an option for saving for disabled children.

March 3

Rents are rising, but are the tax headaches worth it?

A primer on the costs of becoming a landlord.

March 3

Back to the future: The Japanification of Europe?

With Japanification — deflation, debt crises, demographic pressures and decades lost in economic stagnation — in evidence in the bond markets, it's reasonable for investors to question whether Europe is following the path Japan took.

March 2

How much are you like Warren Buffett?

There are three qualities that define his investment strategy. Could you adopt them?

February 26

House approves bill easing 529 plan rules

Families may get to pay for computers again with these popular college savings accounts.

February 26

How to manage the multitude of passwords

Here's the problem: Strong passwords are impossible to remember.

February 26

One of New York's most famous investors dies at 109

Slow and steady, Irving Kahn carried lessons from the Great Depression into the 21st century.

February 25

Discover your own freedom threshold in retirement

Downsizing is a myth, one study finds: A third of retirees bought bigger houses.

February 24

How your financial adviser can screw up your retirement, legally

Obama administration aims to raise standards for advice brokers give

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