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January 13

Automated tools help you claim Social Security

LifeYield tool, offered through Quicken, is latest to target investors

January 12

Solutions to key challenges of modern retirement

The brief golden age of retirement is over, but investing legend Charles Ellis outlines solutions to a potential crisis.

January 5

$47M in retirement pay for CEO as crisis spreads for average Americans

Target chief's package a stark contrast to still-working retiree living on $1,000 a month

January 5

How cost-of-living adjustments change Social Security benefits this year

Retiree benefits increase and so do taxes for high-income workers.

December 30

Disastrous year looms for U.S. bonds, say forecasters

Prices set to fall as interest rates rise and the economy picks up steam, say prognosticators, who haven't been this bearish since 2008.

December 17

The Russian collapse puts some 401(k)s in danger

Some emerging-markets funds are invested in oil-driven economy.

December 11

Is Congress killing pensions?

Pooled pension plans permitted to slash benefits, setting a disturbing precedent

December 10

401(k) plan costs decline as indexing increases

Biggest impact felt by employees in largest and smallest plans; they see drops of more than 10%

December 9

No double dipping on Social Security retirement benefits

Married couples can use a combination strategy, but you can't both file for spousal benefits while delaying your own

December 5

How children reap the benefits of Social Security

Children become eligible when a parent dies or becomes disabled. But there are three important ages to remember: 16, 18 and 22.

December 4

The six most important questions before you retire

Most people don't take the time to envision what their lives will look like, post-paycheck

December 3

75% of Americans don't know this basic retirement rule

How do you draw down income in your golden years?

December 2

How one woman collects three types of Social Security benefits

Divorced and widowed, this client can rack up significant guaranteed retirement income by using this savvy strategy.

December 1

The 401(k) gender gap widens

But which gender is saving more? The answer may surprise you.

November 24

Government workers get first crack at phased retirement

Will federal program set an example for the private sector?

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